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Placement and Retention Services

Finding the right job can be hard. People with autism or other special needs may encounter more hurdles when searching for work. Fraser Placement and Retention can help. We provide support and resources to help individuals with special needs find the right job. After they find employment, our staff works with individuals to ensure they have continued success.

Placement Services: Finding the Right Job for Each Individual

Fraser Career Planning and Employment staff members work as advocates for individuals with special needs. We provide job seekers with information about available jobs, duties, benefits, pay and policies and procedures. We can even evaluate employees with an on-site analysis to help improve their job performance.

Our placement staff works with a network of local employers and community agencies. Through these partners, we identify and develop job opportunities in a variety of fields. We also consult and make recommendations about how employers can make modifications and accommodations for those with special needs. We help open doors to more employment opportunities for individuals of all abilities.

Retention Supports: Helping Individuals Remain Successful

Career support services help both employers and employees have continued job satisfaction. Our skilled job coaches maintain contact with employers and employees. We provide assistance based on individual need.

We may help employees complete job tasks, understand work culture, decipher social nuances, learn industry practices or practice appropriate work behavior. Retention supports can also include working with an employer and coworkers to help them understand the accommodations for people with special needs. We work to promote workplace adjustment and ensure long-term job satisfaction for both.

Fraser Placement and Retention Services Locations

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