Supervised Living

Supervised Living

Around-the-Clock Personal Support

Fraser has 27 Supervised Living homes for teens and adults with autism and disabilities throughout Hennepin and Anoka counties. These homes are available for individuals who need more support at home and in their community. Our goal for Supervised Living is to support the developmental, health, safety and social needs of each individual.


In each home, three or four people live together. Fraser has staff onsite whenever individuals are at home. They help individuals manage their daily needs, like doing their hair, brushing their teeth or exercising. Our staff works with each person to set and achieve goals. We also help them engage with the community through coffee dates, social events and trips to the supermarket.

A registered nurse provides a health service consultation. Accessible homes are available for individuals with physical disabilities.


The DD, BI or CADI waiver will cover the cost of the programming and housing. There is also a private pay option.

Available Openings

Carnelian House

Carnelian is a split level home located in Eden Prairie near the Prairie Village Mall. Three gentlemen live here who are between the ages of 39-70. One individual is semi-retired and currently stays home. Two of the residents work. One is 4 days a week and the other is 5 days a week. Routines are very important in the home. The individuals at this house enjoy variety of activities, such as watching sports on tv, going out to eat for burgers or Dairy Queen and attending church and Bible club. Typically, the home is staffed 1:4, Live-In staff for the weekend with overnight asleep staffing. The house has regular visits from a registered nurse.

Hansen House

Hansen House is a split level home located in Edina. The top floor has a bathroom and staff bedroom. There is one individual's bedroom and bathroom on the main level. The downstairs area has 3 individual's bedrooms and a den/entertainment area. The open bedroom will be downstairs. There are 3 women living in this home. They are between the ages of 35 and 56 and all 3 of them work 4 days a week. Routines are very important to the current residents in this home. The ladies like to watch television, go shopping, listen to music, and eat out at restaurants. They all like to spend time chatting together in the den or living room space but also each enjoy space in their own rooms. The individuals like to help meal prep and enjoy making their own lunches. During the week, the individuals have their own cleaning tasks to help keep their spaces clean and organized. On the weekends, two of the individuals usually go home for a day or get picked up by a family member for an outing. If they stay home, they like to go out with staff to do an activity or enjoy watching movies and relaxing. There is day-time staffing Monday through Friday and live-in staff on the weekends. This house has asleep overnight staff and is typically staffed 1:4.

Oakland House

Oakland House is a four-bedroom, home with one above ground story and another story in the finished basement, located in Bloomington. The available bedroom is located down a full staircase, in the basement, and has its own bathroom with a shower. 3 ladies, who are in their 30s and 40s, currently live here. These women either work or attend a day program during the day. Water aerobics, eating out at restaurants, going to movies, arts and crafts, and yoga are some of these individuals’ favorite activities. On the weekends and some holidays, it is common for the ladies to go home and spend time with their families. When this occurs, the home may be closed for part of or all of the day. This home offers 1:4 or 1:2 staffing during the evenings and weekends but typically does not have staff during daytime hours. This home has asleep overnight staffing and has monthly visits from a registered nurse.

Lane House

Lane is a single-level home located in Brooklyn Park near Park Center High School. The house is on a quieter street and has some nice walking paths nearby. The house has complete wheelchair access and also has a mechanical lift available and roll in shower. The available bedroom is in the back on the left side. The house has a wheelchair van complete with tie downs and a sat in the van for those who are ambulatory. The individuals in the house are between the ages of 64 and 82. There is currently three female housemates residing here, but the house is open to all genders. Two individuals work and one is retired. Group outings are minimal. All enjoy movies, music, and arts and crafts. Lane has 24/7 staffing with double staffing on the weekends and each night from 3:00pm-9:00pm. This is an awake overnight house.

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