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Day Treatment

Fraser Day Treatment is a therapeutic intervention focusing on the social and emotional development of a child.

Intervention goals include improving a child’s coping and interaction skills and helping them become more functional and adaptive in the home and other settings. Fraser day treatment draws from a range of treatment methods to achieve a child’s goals in development, relationships, behavior, perspective taking, communication and sensory issues.

A daily schedule of activities includes structured small group activities and semi-unstructured activities that target treatment goals to address the social and emotional development.
  • Peer and social interactions are integrated into daily activities.
  • Day treatment staff lead and support the needs of the child and provide structure, modeling, coaching, narrating, and unconditional positive regard.

Parents are required to take part in regular face-to-face family therapy sessions to discuss their child’s treatment goals and progress, and to learn strategies to help their child use those skills in various settings.