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Fraser Family Consults

Not knowing how to help your child is terrifying for a parent. They may be struggling with speech, feeding, delayed development, sleeping or aggression. Watching your child experience any of these concerns can feel devastating. Fraser can help you find answers.

“To the parent beginning or even halfway through, there’s hope, and there’s answers. They may not come at the time you expected, but you’re not alone.”
Tom, parent of Fraser client*
*Not his real name

With Fraser Family Consults, your family meets with a therapist to discuss concerns and needs regarding your child. This helps us identify the primary challenges your family is facing. Then we make a recommendation for an evaluation or treatment.

A Fraser Family Consult may include:
  • Reviewing your child’s medical records
  • Consultations from specialty staff regarding speech, occupational and feeding therapy and crisis support needs

Following your consultation, your child may receive a recommendation for treatment. A Fraser therapist will create a support plan individualized to your family’s needs. We also provides recommended community supports and contacts. Your child may start treatment right away. We also give families the tools to support your child’s growth and development at home.

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