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Specialty Services

Fraser offers a variety of specialty therapy options. Call us to learn more at 612-767-7222.

Attachment and Bio-behavioral Catch Up (ABC): evidence-based treatment for caregivers and their children, ages 6-48 months, for 10 weekly, one-hour sessions. The therapy helps caregivers provide:
  • Mutual interactions in which caregivers follow children’s lead
  • Care that is not frightening or overwhelming to children
  • Strategies for calming children to build their behavioral, emotional and physiological control

Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP): a family-centered therapy for young children, ages 0-6, who are experiencing social, emotional and/or behavioral difficulties and have experienced stressful events.

Fraser Autism In-Home Services: skills training based on need and medical necessity. Hours and length of in-home services vary.

Fraser Early Beginnings: a parent-child therapy focused on very young children, ages 0 to 4. The treatment helps strengthen social, regulation and play skills.

Learn Talk Play: a social skills-focused group that includes speech and occupational therapy. Preschool-aged children attend the group 2 or 3 times per week. Elementary school-aged children attend 2 days per week.

Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT): a highly structured program that helps parents and children, ages 2-6 years, improve relationships. Teaches parents skills to manage a child’s behavior issues.

Permanency and Adoptive Family Support: for children who have been adopted and those in out-of-home placements, like foster care. The focus is on increasing attachment and long-term permanency with the family while processing trauma, identity, loss and grief.

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a Caregiver-driven approach that includes assessment, proactively setting the stage for success, teaching new skills, reinforcing desirable behavior, and responding effectively to difficult behavior. Caregivers receive resources to learn more about PBS.