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Occupational Therapy

Often, children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other special needs have trouble with everyday tasks. A child may struggle with transitioning to solid food, have difficulty with toilet training or may not be able to brush his or her teeth. Other children may shy away from bright lights or get anxious around loud noises. As Minnesota’s largest and most experienced provider of autism and early childhood mental health services, Fraser is uniquely qualified to help these children.

We serve infants through teens in occupational therapy.

Helping Children Develop Crucial Skills
We focus on developing:
  • Fine motor skills, like eye-to-hand coordination
  • Gross motor skills, focusing on whole-body coordination
  • Daily living skills, like eating with utensils and writing
  • Sensory processing abilities, focusing on coping and calming strategies

Our occupational therapists use play and other age-appropriate activities to help your child develop these skills and reach goals. We want every child to have an equal opportunity to live, play and learn in their community.


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