Transition to Adulthood Plan (TAP) - Young Adult

Transition to Adulthood Plan (TAP)

An Individualized Action Plan Toward Independence and Adulthood

The Fraser Transition to Adulthood Plan (TAP) helps transition-age individuals and their families create an action plan toward independence and adulthood. Fraser staff work with you and your family to create a TAP by identifying goals, finding resources and creating action steps to reach your goal.

You begin with 3 one-hour sessions with a licensed therapist to discuss what’s going well and what could be improved with your social wellbeing, health, work, school and housing. In the third session, you’ll receive individualized resources and recommendations for your TAP. A Fraser Care Advocate will provide follow-up support for two weeks after your TAP is complete. They can also provide ongoing support, as needed.

You’ll also receive a paper and electronic copy of your Fraser TAP. Your plan is a working document that involves creating and tracking your life goals over time.

OnTRAC (Transition Readiness and Connections): The transition from pediatric service models to adulthood is a pivotal time that can be momentous, challenging and even daunting. This process is a personal journey that can be successfully navigated using the right plan and having the right supports. Effective transition is central to more independent, involved and enjoyable lives.

Fraser’s OnTRAC helps individuals, ages 14-26 who have autism, mental health concerns and diverse needs create their individualized path toward greater independence. OnTRAC is Fraser’s person-centered, collaborative approach to identifying and transitioning to adult-focused services and supports that will assist in reaching life goals.

  1. holistic evaluation
  2. collaborative approach
  3. dynamic plan/assessment

  1. from pediatric services to adult services
  2. from IEP services to post-secondary options
  3. to adult living solutions

  1. identifying meaningful referrals
  2. ongoing support in accessing referrals
  3. problem solving for effective solutions
  4. collaboration across services
  5. establishing social networks and supports

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Fraser Services that Support the Transition Journey

  • Individual, Group and Family Therapy
  • Adolescent Day Treatment
  • Transition Age Day Treatment
  • Transitions Day Treatment Step Down Group
  • Positive Behavioral Supports

  • Career Planning and Employment

  • Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)
  • Career Planning: Workplace and Post-Secondary Readiness, Self-Advocacy Supports, Social Coaching
  • Transition Age Skills
  • Occupational & Speech Therapy

  • Community Supports: Supervised, Supportive and Independent Living

  • Contracted Case Management
  • Targeted Mental Health Case Management
  • Emerging Adulthood Workshop

If you’d like more information, contact or call 612.767.7222

Please note that legal guardians are required to attend with transition-aged individuals. Other family members or caregivers may attend, if desired.