85 Years of Experience

Our rich history began in 1935, when doctors told Louise Whitbeck Fraser to institutionalize her daughter Jean because she’d lost her hearing. Louise knew her daughter could have more out of life; she just needed a way to reach her. She started teaching Jean, using the power of music to communicate with her, and soon Jean began to thrive.

More than 80 years later, Fraser remains committed to the strength of a mother’s love, the power of wanting more for our children and the drive to pioneer life-changing services for our most vulnerable family, friends and neighbors. Our vision is to build a more inclusive and equitable world where people of all abilities have the opportunities, resources and systems that empower them to realize their dreams and thrive.

Fraser’s legacy has built a foundation of change within Minnesota, driven the creation of life-long services options and established a history of excellence and dedication in our service delivery. As one of the oldest nonprofits in Minnesota, we have always put clients, not profits, first.

Fraser was founded as a pioneer in Minnesota’s disability rights movement and a champion for individuals with diverse needs. We’ve been a leader in services for autism, mental health and disabilities for 85 years. You can count on us to be here for the future, and for you.

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