The Fraser Difference

Fraser is the premier provider and expert on services for autism, mental health and diverse intellectual, emotional and physical needs.

We understand that complex needs like Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities often occur with mental health conditions like anxiety, depression or ADHD. Fraser serves more than 100 types of intellectual and physical disabilities. We integrate our care with other services like rehabilitation therapy, mental health therapy and speech-language therapy, which saves families the time, expense and challenge of managing appointments through multiple providers.

Our wraparound services support individuals and their families, so they can move forward with success, at every stage of life.

In early childhood, Fraser School® helps children of all abilities build academic, fine motor, attention and social skills. School-based mental health services help students find success in the classroom, from preschool to senior year.

Fraser Career Planning and Employment services help teens and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), or other disabilities develop skills to help them in the college or the work world.

Fraser Transition to Adulthood services help adolescents and young adults build the independent living skills they need to begin a life on their own.

Fraser housing and support services help Minnesotans with complex needs and co-occurring mental health conditions find safety, independence and comfort within the community.

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