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In February 2024, Fraser was nationally recognized as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) — the cutting-edge model for behavioral health care in the United States.

As a CCBHC, we will continue to evolve into a model of care that eliminates waitlists and provides immediate access for clients and families to start their care journey. Being a CCBHC will also allow us to restructure how we serve individuals and families, which further streamlines the process.

We are building a network of collaborative partnerships with primary care, healthcare providers, and community agencies to provide whole-person healthcare services for you and your family — creating a true model of integrated physical and mental health.

We have already expanded our service lines and expertise in the areas of integrated substance use disorder, psychiatry services, and health screening and monitoring, under the CCBHC model. Soon, we will also add care coordination to further support the individuals and families we serve.

Trust us to provide you with the very best autism, mental/behavioral health, and disability services.