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Fraser CARE Team Provides Future-State Telehealth Care

Fraser CARE Team Provides Future-State Telehealth Care

Minneapolis, MN ­– You might think Fraser’s Telehub sounds like it belongs in a children’s weekend television line-up, but the work done there is serious business.

The Golden Valley, MN, Telehub is home to one of Fraser’s newest teams, the Fraser CARE (Connection. Access. Resources. Engagement.) Team, a multidisciplinary group of professionals that serves clients of all ages via telehealth. The Telehub also houses the Fraser Hope Line, a free, statewide resource and referral line that immediately connects callers with a care advocate.

Pat Pulice, Fraser Vice President of Integrated Healthcare is leading staff to carry out the vision of the Fraser CARE team, Fraser Hope Line and Telehub.

Fraser’s Integrated Healthcare division is focused on treating the whole person and bridging the gaps between mental and physical care. The division works directly with area healthcare providers to develop greater connection to seamless care. Pulice wanted to take that model online, into the virtual world, to develop new models for team care and future state telehealth care, with the knowledge and skills of Fraser Care Coordination teams, led by Lindsey Brune.

“Clinic-based healthcare has been integrating care for clients for the past decade,” Pulice said. “The Telehub CARE team brings that model to telehealth. We’ve compiled a talented group of professionals with specialties in Mental Health, Autism, Pediatric Therapy, Care Coordination, Clinical Operations/Client Services, Fraser Family Consultants in one location. The Telehub brings a number of services Fraser already delivers, to a centralized hub where consultation, coordination, scheduling and support happens in real time. This reduces time and confusion for families, while increasing efficiencies and the value of care. Care advocates can quickly assess a client’s needs and do a warm hand-off to a CARE team member, so each client accesses a continuum of services. The team works together to create care plans and collaborate on client care. Telehub staff meet weekly to share learnings and adapt the future of Fraser telehealth services based on the feedback from the families that are served.

The Fraser Telehub has become a testing ground for piloting new ideas. For example, every Fraser staff in the telehealth program is highly qualified to provide clinical services in Spanish. The CARE team also recently began using interpreters to help coordinate services for our Spanish-speaking clients, and works to eliminate confusion by linking clients to Fraser Spanish-speaking professionals, whenever possible. More recently, the Telehub has also welcomed a Hmong-speaking mental health professional to the team.

“Being able to talk to families in their preferred language makes families more comfortable and breaks down barriers that may interfere to the path to effective treatment,” says Pulice. “We are happy to be able to reach more families through this service and are excited by the feedback.”

As Fraser works to develop plans for clinicians’ return to clinic for face-to-face services, the Fraser Telehalth Hub staff will continue to deliver services across the state via telehealth.

For more information about the Fraser CARE team and telehealth services, call 612-767-7222. To access the Fraser Hope Line, call 612-446-HOPE (4673) or email fraserhopeline@fraser.org. The phone line is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You do not need to be a current Fraser client to call. Fraser Hope Line is not a crisis hotline. In an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

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