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Fraser States Organizational Commitment to Anti-Racism and Support for Community

Fraser States Organizational Commitment to Anti-Racism and Support for Community

Fraser — a Minnesota-based nonprofit that provides lifespan services for healthcare, housing, education, and employment to children, teens, adults, and families facing autism, mental health issues, and special needs — has made an organizational commitment to fight racism in all forms and support the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) clients and staff it serves.


Black, indigenous, and people of color have experienced deep and prolonged trauma from systemic racism and its entrenched damaging effects on housing, education, socioeconomic status, healthcare, and employment over a lifetime. Fraser is committed to supporting its staff, clients, and community with resources to help them at every stage of life and to process the shock, grief, and fear they face in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis and the ongoing trauma they experience from centuries of systemic abuse.


Diane S. Cross said, “Fraser was founded in 1935 during the Great Depression to serve children and adults with special needs, with the belief that all individuals have the right to live work learn and play as inclusive members of our society. It is clearer than ever before that this right has not been upheld for people of color.”


As a result, Fraser is establishing a new anti-racism initiative to help the organization look inward, learn, enact change, and stand beside its communities of color. The new group will work on ongoing, action-based items for change that combats racism.


“We are eager to work in collaboration with our staff and community to overcome racism in all of its forms,” said Diane S. Cross, Fraser President and CEO. “In so doing, we aim to deliver the best healthcare and support available to our clients.” 


Fraser has also launched the Fraser Hope Line, a free call-in service that puts the community in touch with a mental health professional. While the Fraser Hope Line is not a crisis line, it does provide immediate and ongoing resources to help individuals and families manage mental health issues.


The Fraser Hope Line can help with anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma. It is an open hand to help children, teens, adults, and families develop stronger mental health and relationships for a healthier life. The line is answered Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., CT. Call 612-446-HOPE (4673) or email fraserhopeline@fraser.org.