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To Our Community

To Our Community

Fraser leadership is heartbroken about the murder of George Floyd. We all saw the video of his horrendous murder and were sickened by the lack of humanity on display. We all want justice to be served – not just now, but for the future.


We know that systemic racism impacts many of our families and staff. We see the pain and unrest that George’s death has stirred in our community, the nation, and the world.


People of color, we hear you. We stand with you. We want to learn from you.


Let me state it as clearly as I can: Fraser will not tolerate racism. We will continue to implement our diversity and inclusion initiative as an organization, a clinical service provider, and an employer.


We have heard your concerns as staff, and are exploring additional ways we can support you in conversation around this topic. As an organization, Fraser and its leadership will continue to ask questions, listen, and improve as we advocate for our community and our staff.


With gratitude,

Diane S. Cross

Fraser President and CEO