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Career Planning and Employment

Individuals of all abilities deserve access to education and the chance to pursue meaningful careers. Fraser Career Planning and Employment offers a variety of services for teens and adults who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other special needs. Our services are available for those who are college-bound or are looking to explore different employment options.

Assessing Individuals’ Strengths And Challenges

Through our intake assessment, we look at each individual’s unique strengths, interests, learning styles, and challenges. We then create an individual profile and map out a support plan to help the person achieve success.

“I have learned a lot about my abilities, outlook on the future and gained self-esteem and independence with this experience.”
Will*, Career Planning and Employment client
*not his real name

Fraser offers the following Career Planning and Employment services:
  • Intake Assessment and Profile Builder - creates an individualized profile of strengths, interests and needs based on multiple sources of information.
  • Career Exploration - matches individual strengths and interests with employers to achieve long-term job success.
  • Job Placement Supports
  • Job Coaching – provides individualized, on-the-job support and training.
  • Social Coaching for the community - learn to decode the social complexities of work and higher education.
  • Job Seeking Skills Training sessions and courses – prepares individuals for getting a job and being successful in their chosen career.
  • Career Path Workshops
  • Higher Education Coaching - provides support in the areas of time management, communication, organization, networking, safety and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Mock Interviews
  • Informational Interviews - allows individuals to explore their field of interest, assess work culture and connect with industry insiders.
  • Small Business Consultation
  • Transitions Consultations
  • Various course modules

Let Fraser help you discover your true calling and find your dream job. We believe individuals of all abilities deserve a chance to live, work, learn and play as members of our community.

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