Integrated Healthcare - Services

Integrated Healthcare

Coordinated Care Teams Deliver Better Outcomes

Integrated healthcare is the coordination of physical healthcare and behavioral healthcare. Integrating mental health, primary care, education and community-based services produces the best outcomes for people who have multiple healthcare needs.

Behavioral Health Home Services

Behavioral Health Home services support your family by managing your child’s health and wellbeing through comprehensive care management, care coordination, health promotion and wellness, comprehensive transitional care, patient and family support, and referral to community and support service. Behavioral Health Home Services are for children who receive Medical Assistance (MA), MA through a Managed Care Program (PMAP) or are on the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA).

Targeted Case Management

Fraser Targeted Case Management helps families navigate the complex social and medical services system and gain access to needed resources. Your case manager can explore and make referrals for services, arrange transportation to access medical services, participate in team meetings with service providers, collaborate with schools, make referrals for other client and family issues/needs, find resources for health insurance, identify financial supports, support access to community and recreational resources, coordinate care with specialists involved in a child’s care. This service is for children birth to 21 years old who have received a qualifying diagnosis.

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