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Building a Birdhouse

March 31, 2020 — 02:15PM - 06:15PM

Video presentation of the family’s journey
Safety and instruction about how to use hand tools
Learn social skills and how to work in small groups
Explore vocational skills and/or hobbies


Fraser staff will help you turn your birdhouse into a piece of art by painting and embellishing it.

For those interested in a career using hand tools, woodworking or painting and embellishing items, this workshop allows you to explore local resources to see if these careers might be the right fit.

We encourage individuals ages 14 and up to attend. It is also open to parents, who think their young adult may want to explore a career in this field or hobby.

Fraser Bloomington
1801 American Blvd. E. Suite 8
Bloomington, Minnesota 55425

Contact careerplanning@fraser.org for additional information.