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Clinical Psychology Internship

Primary focus in autism, mental health and pediatric neuropsychology at Fraser

The Fraser Clinical Psychology Internship program emphasizes broad and general training in child and adolescent clinical psychology with unique specialized training opportunities in autism spectrum disorders, child and adolescent mental health and neuropsychology. Each of the three major rotations provides experiences that promote the development of intermediate to advanced knowledge, skills and competencies aligned with the program’s overarching goals and objectives. Our program is designed to prepare interns for advanced training or work in these areas of professional practice.

We are committed to developing an individualized training experience for each intern. We have three interns annually. Interns are involved in a variety of clinical experiences with diverse populations. They complete three four-month rotations: Early Childhood Evaluation Rotation (birth through five), Child and Adolescent Evaluation Rotation (six and older) and Neuropsychology Evaluation Rotation. They also conduct individual, group and family therapy throughout the year with clients from the mental health and autism programs. These clinical experiences emphasize comprehensive training in broad and generalized areas of psychology, but also allow flexibility to maximize personal growth and to provide for more in-depth experiences in areas that are of particular interest to the trainee. We emphasize a comprehensive approach to training across clinical work, didactics, case consultations and research. Interns are provided with one half-day of protected time each week for research under the direction of a staff mentor.

Completed application materials must be received by Thursday, November 19, 2020. We are requesting a minimum of three letters of recommendations. No supplemental materials are required. All interviews will be conducted virtually due to COVID-19. Invitations for interviews will be sent by email by the week of December 3, 2020.