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Addressing Whole-Family and Whole-Person Mental Wellness

Anxiety, depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), adjustment disorders, trauma, bipolar disorder, and other mental health concerns can affect individuals at any age and impact your family’s dynamic.

Whether you are seeking mental health care for a child, partner, or yourself, Fraser Behavioral & Mental Health Services is here to support your whole family’s mental wellness. Our individualized mental wellness programs support strong family relationships, increase self-regulation and emotional control, improve self-esteem, reduce conflict, improve daily life, and build individual mental wellness for each member of your family.

Fraser’s early childhood mental health program is the largest in Minnesota, and we are among the largest Minnesota providers to support people with co-occurring intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health needs.

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Fraser Day Treatment

Fraser Day Treatment groups provide a space to process emotions, learn about yourself, and connect with peers. Our groups are tailored to each age group and you will be assigned to a group that fits your individual needs.

Within the group, you will address your mental health concerns, build social-emotional development, and work toward stronger independence.

Younger Adolescent Day Treatment is for teens, ages 12-15, who have autism spectrum disorder

Older Adolescent Day Treatment is for teens, ages 15-17, who have autism spectrum disorder

Pre-Adolescent Day Treatment is for youth ages 9-12, who have autism spectrum disorder.

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Supports for Emerging into Adulthood

Becoming an adult is an exciting — and intense – time. Fraser is here to help.

Fraser OnTRAC (Transition Readiness and Connections) is an integrated service model for individuals who are emerging into adulthood and their families.

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We use a holistic and collaborative approach to support individuals with autism, mental/behavioral health, and disability needs, as they explore and build self-advocacy and self-confidence.

We do this through a combination of services:
  • Transition to Adulthood Plan (TAP) is completed over 2-3 therapy sessions and helps map an individualized vision of a life well-lived and hope for the future
  • Care Advocacy provides follow-up support to access resources and recommendations.
  • OnTRAC Virtual Info Booth provides an opportunity to ask questions about supports, services, and learn more about community resources. This is a free session conducted over Zoom.
  • OnTRAC Pathways – COMING IN SEPTEMBER 2024! A 12-week, curriculum-based therapy group offered each spring, summer, and fall that provides short-term resources, care coordination, and holistic care. Individualized pathway options are available, based on your level of need and interests:
  • OnTRAC Life Skills Lab – COMING SOON! Learn how to adult in a mock apartment lab, practice work skills in a mock computer lab, and gain real-world employment experience in a mock grocery store lab. OnTRAC Life Skills Labs will be offered in conjunction with OnTRAC pathways.
For more information, email or call 612.767.7222
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Transition to Adulthood Plan (TAP)

Visioning and Planning a Road Map for Your Future

A Transition to Adulthood Plan (TAP) is a document developed with an emerging adult (ages 14-26), family/caregivers, and Fraser mental health professionals to map out a vision and goals to achieve your best future.

Fraser mental health professionals meet with individuals over 2-3 therapy sessions to discuss strengths and needs in the following areas:
  • Mental Health
  • Social well-being
  • Physical health
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Financial and legal
  • Housing and living environments
  • Independent living skills

Following your last session, your clinician will share resources and recommendations based on your goals. Afterward, you and your primary provider will receive an email with your TAP Dashboard and individualized resources and links.

Once your TAP is complete, an OnTRAC care advocate is available to answer questions and provide follow-up support, for up to six months. Care Advocacy support is also available via email, phone, or Zoom sessions. Additionally, OnTRAC pathways are offered on an ongoing schedule to support your individualized needs and interests.

For more information, email or call 612.767.7222
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LGBTQIA Mental Health

Fraser Mental Health has both therapists who identify as LGBTQIA and those who accept and affirm the identity of those within the LGBTQIA community. We understand having a therapist who understands you or your child’s unique concerns is important. Fraser also offers therapy groups for young people with autism who are exploring their gender or sexual orientation. Our therapists meet individuals where they are — whether they’re struggling to come out, need help with bullying, or simply want someone to listen. When you call to set up an appointment, you can ask about being paired with an affirming therapist.

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Fraser Family Consults

Fraser Family Consults offer immediate help for resolving your child or teen’s most challenging behavior issue. We can help you address feeding issues, sleeping problems, social concerns, speech concerns, clinginess, hypersensitivity, late milestones, inflexibility, aggression, and more.

You don’t need a formal diagnosis or evaluation to schedule a Fraser Family Consult. You will meet with a therapist to discuss your concerns and get tools to support your child’s behavior, growth, and development.

Your appointment may also include consultations from specialty staff or recommendations for an evaluation or treatment. Following your consultation, a Fraser therapist will create a support plan, individualized for your child and family’s needs. We may also provide you with recommendations for community supports and contacts.

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Behavioral Health Home

If your child is receiving Medical Assistance (MA), MA through a Managed Care Program (PMAP), or you are served by the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA), Fraser Behavioral Health Home services can help you find coordinated care with the right experts.

We support your family by helping you manage your child’s health and wellbeing with comprehensive care management, care coordination, health promotion and wellness, comprehensive transitional care, patient and family support, and referrals to community services.

Fraser’s Behavioral Health team includes a registered nurse and medical and mental health experts who know what services are available for your family.

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School-Based Mental Wellness Support

Fraser school-based mental wellness programs positively impact a child’s education and learning and allow children to receive therapy at school. Our school-based therapists create individualized mental health plans for students and provide consultations to parents.

We also work with teachers on classroom strategies to manage challenging behaviors and offer professional training courses to advance educators’ mental health knowledge and competency.

To learn more about Fraser School-Based Mental Health services, contact Dr. Aric Jensen, Sr. Director of Mental Health School and Community Mental Health Programs, at 612-728-5312 or
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Fraser Foster Care & Adoption Support

The Fraser Foster Care & Adoption Support program helps families manage the complex emotions and expressions of grief, loss, and trauma that arise from out-of-home placements. Our program has helped hundreds of Minnesota foster, kinship, adoptive, and birth/first families navigate attachment issues, development delays, mood disorders, challenging behaviors, open-adoption relationships, and other family difficulties.

Fraser staff are experts in assessment, treatment, and family engagement, as well as in building unique community collaborations that support stable, permanent placements for children in families of all types.

All Fraser Foster Care & Adoption team members have completed the Permanency and Adoption Competency Certificate at the University of Minnesota. Fraser Adoption Permanency team members are certified by the University of Minnesota Permanency & Adoption Certificate Program (PACC) and have participated in the national Training in Adoption Competency (TAC) program. Select staff are also trained in Attachment Bio-Behavioral Catchup (ABC), Trauma-Informed Child Parent Psychotherapy (TI-CPP), Circle of Security, and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT).