Autism - Services


Fraser is Minnesota’s Premier Provider and Expert On Evidence-Based Autism Services

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects how people communicate and interact with others

Every individual with autism is unique. It’s called autism spectrum disorder (ASD) because people experience a range and severity of behaviors or symptoms.

Common Symptoms

  • Late or missed developmental milestones, particularly in communication or social skills
  • Repetitive behaviors or movements, such as arm flapping or rocking
  • Difficulty being soothed
  • Difficulty or challenges communicating needs or wants
  • Lack of eye contact
  • Unresponsive to their name

Early Intervention and Lifelong Support

The earlier a child is diagnosed with autism, the better opportunity there is to positively affect their development. Studies show early intervention leads to better outcomes and helps children prepare for school. That is why having your child evaluated is so critical.

Fraser also understands the importance of lifelong support for those with autism, so we serve individuals from birth through adulthood.

How Fraser Can Help

The Fraser Autism Center of Excellence offers a full range of evidence-based service options that are individualized for every child’s level of need. We offer services that include ABA, Day Treatment, ESDM and SCERTS-based Learn Talk Play. All Fraser autism services are focused on the person, not just the outcome.

Are you concerned about any of these behaviors in your child?