Care that Evolves with Your Needs

Fraser services evolve to match your needs over a lifetime. We have programs and services for children, teens, adults, families and caregivers.

No matter what age you are when you begin services, Fraser’s lifelong care provides an individualized treatment plan that evolves with you. Our variety of services provide a level of individualized care beyond what many other providers can offer.

Let Fraser help you find your success.

Fraser Healthcare Solutions integrate mental health, medical and other healthcare services to serve our clients better. Working together helps us increase access, improve the quality of services and coordinate care. This positively affects the health of individuals and families, who are living with autism, mental health issues and disabilities.

Fraser Housing Solutions provide just enough support to ensure each individual can live safely and comfortably in the community. Fraser Community Living includes Supervised Living, Supportive Living and Independent Living in group homes and apartments around the Twin Cities metro.

We also offer licensed, In-Home Support Services that help individuals with diverse needs and their families increase their physical, intellectual, emotional and social functioning at home and in the community. Our services support family members who care for individuals with disabilities and autism.

Fraser Education Services at Fraser School®serve children, from 6 weeks to 6 years of age, through childcare, preschool and pre-K programs. Our inclusive environment welcomes children of all abilities and prepares them for lifelong success. The play-based curriculum encourages social interactions while focusing on a child’s unique abilities.

Sensory Certification & Customized Trainings helps our community serve people of all abilities through inclusive environments. Children with autism and other disabilities can find visits to the dentist, the hairstylist, live theater, sporting events and other common outings overwhelming. Fraser offers training and certification in sensory awareness to businesses, schools, arts organizations, sports venues, events and more to make experiences accessible to individuals with sensory processing difficulties.

Fraser Workshops and Classes are taught by our experts. Our workshops are for families, teachers, care providers, social workers and others. These educational opportunities provide training, practical knowledge and access to valuable resources on autism, executive functioning, positive behavior supports and other information.

Fraser Career Planning and Employment (CPE) Services help teens and adults who have neurological challenges find employment. CPE offers courses on employment readiness, job shadowing, job coaching, higher education coaching, self-employment supports and placement and retention services. Our skilled professionals assess each individual’s unique talents and challenges and help them create a tailored plan.

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